fund security

We give priority to clients’ fund security

uTrade will takes all measures to guarantee your fund security, including:

Distributed storage

uTrade is a blockchain derivatives trading platform, which means that the transactions of all funds are recorded on the distributed ledger and cannot be tampered.

Account verification

uTrade recommends verifying your account by submitting scanning copy of your personal ID card and address proof. This simple measure will ensure your transaction authorization and secure.

Whitelist encryption

The uTrade technology environment is 7*24H managed by a dedicated team consisting of highly specialized security engineers and technical experts. They have developed and maintained the highest protection level to prevent any data loss, damage or other technical issues.

International regulatory standards

Based on international financial regulatory standards, uTrade adopts highly secure technology and financial standards to protect your personal data and financial transactions, which protects your browsing security and data from being intercepted or stolen.