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Our concept

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Leading distributed solution

Formerly being a company engaging in derivative product design, risk control and software design, uTrade focuses on solving the liquidity and efficiency issues in secondary market trading. As the maturity of blockchain technology, the distributed solutions have made the original global transactions more transparent and accessible. Apart from specializing in the research and development of the underlying technology of trading settlement, uTrade is also committed to changing the information asymmetry in global financial markets and improving trading efficiency, so that all traders can instantly participate in the trillion-dollar high-speed high liquidity market at the lowest cost.

Strict regulation

In addition to superior technology and quality products, uTrade also highlights strict regulation and compliance culture. uTrade is committed to protecting client privacy through blockchain technology and strict financial regulation. Based on the leading security software and systems, it has established a rigorous process to maintain clients’ personal information and financial security.

World top-class trading following

By gathering world top-class traders, any excellent trading strategy and record can be truly and timely shared through blockchain technology. Our professional follow-up trading allowes you to easily and pleasantly synchronize with any trader around the world so as to share profit strategies and profits.

Elite team

uTrade's management team consists of elites with more than 20 years of experience in foreign exchange and finance in investment banking. With deep understanding of individuals and organizations, they can help clients excavate the maximum trading potential. Apart from providing comprehensive products, we pay more attention to the risk control of financial products, such as perfecting collection of customer information and intelligent transaction reports generated by blockchain technology. In this way, our professional colleagues can provide the highest level of service according to clients’ personal needs and experience level.

Top trading experience

Without repeated quotation or traders’ disturbance, we provide clients with a completely transparent trading environment so that all orders are executed fairly and openly.

National security level information privacy

By means of blockchain and password protection mechanism, the retrieval of any user information requires the user's own permission, which maximized customers’ financial interests and personal information.

7*24H professional support

uTrade professional team will provide 7*24H pleasant and professional services for your trading. We attach great importance to the user experience and needs, and always give priority to traders.

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