Anti-Money Laundering Regulation of uTrade LTD

  • uTrade has perfect internal control regulation of anti-money laundering regulation, specialized department also be set which is responsible for the implementation of anti-money laundering internal control regulation.
  • The customer must provide accurate and effective identity document or other document which can proof his identity. Other people can’t submit material on behalf of the customer.
  • uTrade will not provide any form of service to unidentified customer, nor open anonymous account or fake account for the customer. uTrade will re-identify or refuse the customer’s account open application if there is any doubt on authenticity, effectiveness and completeness of the customer’s identity material, and terminate all services which was provided to the customer at any time as well. If the authenticity, effectiveness and completeness of the customer’s country and region which is shown on the customer’s passport can’t be confirmed by uTrade, uTrade will refuse the customer’s account open application and terminate all services provided to the customer at any time.
  • uTrade can confirm customer’s identity information from the local judicial department if uTrade think it is necessary.
  • uTrade sets customer identity material and trade record keeping system according to the company regulation. During the trade period, the customer identity material should be updated timely if there is any change on the customer. The customer’s identity material will be kept for six years after the termination of trade relation between uTrade and the customer. In case of insolvency or dissolution of uTrade, the customer’s identity material and trading information will still be kept for six years.
  • If customer is traded with obvious economy purpose block trading or other suspicious trading, with single trade capital or the accumulated trade capital at a certain period exceeds regulated capital amount or other suspicious trade is found, uTrade may report it to local anti-money laundering center.
  • uTrade requests the customer with his trading capital reached to a certain amount or suspicious clients which uTrade may think to present the address certification of the past six months, in case the customer’s behavior violates the anti-money laundering regulation, uTrade may provide the customer’s address certification to local judicial department, anti-money laundering information center or bank.
  • If the customer is suspected of credit card fraud or credit card withdrawing, uTrade may terminate all services provided to the customer at any time and reserve the right to pursue his legal liability.
  • Relating the non-exhaustive of prevention and policy of anti-money laundering, uTrade will execute it according to the existing laws and regulations strictly.