Building your customer base and earning more revenues

White label and mobility solutions

uTrade provides brokers and operators with the mobility of multiple banks and clearing houses.

By connecting to 40 bank-level liquidity providers, uTrade summarizes them into a single interface quotation through intelligent routing, so as to provide users with the optimal market quotation through cTrader.

uTrade creates an all-inclusive solution that will allow our white label servicers to modify the capacity of trading server based on current business size anytime and anywhere. Meanwhile, it provides the world's top servers in a number of clearing centers, including but not limited to London, New York, etc.; or it uses our existing global server network to provide white label solutions

Possessing your own broker brand within one week

Setting up all the trading products and spreads you want within one week, and some of the scarce liquidity products that we don't provide are also supported; such as India Index, Brazil Index, Russian Securities, Matsusaka Beef No. 3, Mexico Harapeno.

Establishing various website application ports within 3 days

Building up IB management background within one week.

You will develop into a proficient foreign exchange trader within one month, so as to start your foreign exchange undertaking.

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