Begin yourtrading

Beginning your trading in 4 simple steps

1. Register in uTrade to open an account

Register in uTrade to open an account

Detailed login information in your personal space allows you to manage your money and accounts, receive bonuses and participate in our promotions; trading account credentials are used to visit the trading platform.

2. Deposit

Log in to your personal space for deposit. 5 dollars is the minimum deposit for your first trading in uTrade. According to risk management strategy, the more deposit you have, the less you will exposure to risks in a specific trading.

No charge for any deposit, and our withdrawal system will effectively help you to be paid back as soon as possible.

3. Log in to the web platform

No installation is required for a web platform, the web platform allows you to trade anywhere, anytime on any device. To log in, please click file - > log in, key in your account in the box of “Log in”, the passwords are in your email we sent you earlier. If you want to log in a real one, please click the server of uTrade – Real. Plus, you also can trade via the icon on your computer desk, or iOS or Android devices. For platform comparison, please click here.

4. Click to "Buy" or "Sell"

In order to create a buy or sell order, you can decide your position and click “Buy” or “Sell” button for further trade. Please click here for moreapproaches to trade.

How can I trade?

Basically, you can create buy order if you expect that the price will be going up, on the contrary, you can create a sell order if you expect that the price will be going down. This means that through buying at a low price and selling at a high price, you can make profit. To sell order, vice versa.

Trading direction. Buy-Sell directory


The leverage reduces the amount of deposit needed (that is to say, the amount of deposit to keep your position), and it helps build a larger position than your principal can afford. However, leverage is a coin with two sides: the more amounts in your position, the more you can make or the more loss you have to bear. Please refer to the following example:

If you have $500 in your trading account and the leverage rate is 1:500, if you sell 100 shares EUR/USD(100,000) and the point value is 1.13415, the deposit for this position is $226.83, which is almost half of your balance. If you set the change value at $10 based on your account, therefore, if the point value falls to 1.13145, you will lose your entire principal in your account. If you sell 50 shares, $5 is needed for each point; you will only loss $135 when the price goes down to 1.13145.

Please take both position and leverage into consideration when making trading decisions and assessing an unfavorable price fluctuation.

How can I predict the price will go up or down?

As a newcomer, you should keep your eye on the price trend on the chart, if the price goes up, create a buy order, if the price goes down, and create a sell order. This approach may not guarantee your profit, but this is the beginning to be a sophisticated trader.

Trend forecast - uptrend - downtrend - sideways

If you have little experience in leverage, and because of a significant market fluctuation at the time of major news releases, staying put is recommended at this time. There are two more advanced methods for price forecasting: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Basic risk management techniques also help make profit and reduce losses.

How can I make money?

There are many strategies that can enable you to make money out of the price fluctuation, such as scalping, martingale, hedging, news trading, etc. We provide a detailed description to each one in this document.

plus, automated trading software is recommended as well, the system may help you to make a trading decision, or even to open or close a position for you.

How to close an order?

The amount of profit depends on the current market price, which will stop until you close the order. If you feel that you have made a handsome profit, and you want to close the order, you click the “trading “button in MT4, find the order you hold, right click on it, and select “order close” from the menu.

What else do I need to know before I start trading?

First of all, get understanding of some concepts and terminology. The definitions have been provided in the paper titled “How to Trade Forex”. Please explore our training part to enlarge your horizon for market knowledge and deepen your understanding to OctaFX service. If you prefer to a risk-free practice, we recommend you to open a stimulated account with virtual funds for your practice.