System Requirements
Minimum Requirement Recommanded Requirement
processor Dual Core CPU Dual Core CPU
Memory 2GB 4GB
Operation System Windows XP onwards Windows XP onwards
Internet Connection Stable connection (50kB per second or better) Stable connection (100kB per second or better)
To install cAlgo

Download cAlgo from your broker’s website, or download a demo from

Open the downloaded file.

Click Run or Install.

Wait for the platform to download and install.

During the installation, you may be prompted with a .Net4 update / install. Click to accept.

cAlgo will automatically launch after installation. You can access cAlgo by clicking on the cTrader icon on your desktop or in your Start menu.

You may also be asked to restart your computer at the end of the installation screen. cAlgo will complete installation after the restart.

Windows vista users may be required to update to Miscorosft’s Service Pack 1 for windows vista to be able to run cTrader/cAlgo properly.