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By means of NDD (No Trading Desk) technology, cTrader platform provides professional investors and novices with a channel to contact foreign exchange market trading. It allows users to trade directly with international banks without any intermediary. An adjustable proxy server allows you to enjoy high-speed connections whenever and wherever you want, which also is accessible under the restriction in local country or corporate network.

It supports14 languages

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You can achieve trading anywhere and anywhere in the world any size of device.

Wherever and whenever you are, you can browse and enter financial market for trading on cTraderWeb with any device.

Advantages of using cTraderWeb platform:

Trading anywhere by getting access to internet.

Available for using this platform on all mainstream browsers.

Sharing the same account with cTrader.

Market depth options

Technical analysis tool

One-key trading


cAlgo platform allows you to create trading robots and your own technical analysis indexes through C# language.

API cAlgo is a program developed especially for e-FX with a simple syntax, so that traders can quickly get started with the API.

Easily downloading trading robot code via the plug and play function.

Other parameters included in the robot code can be adjusted to allow the robot to operate in a user-friendly interface.

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As the brand new unique auto trading platform, cMirror possesses intuitive interface, advanced risk management system and other cTrader functions as well as series of new services.

All cTrader traders can subscribe or provide signals.

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