Based on the strategic cooperation between uTrade and Equinix, our global trading servers are connected by optic network systems

This guarantees the topspeed instant execution of each trading. Equinix has world's leading trading server technology, so uTrade’s cooperation with it has ensured its technological advantages in the competition.

99.99% stability
enhanced by 78%
cTrader operating time
execution speed

uTrade is a leader in applying new technology that focuses on customer interests

cTrader bridging technology developed by one zero™ is an authentic new generation of price aggregator. As the only technologically advanced solution, one zero™ cTrader bridging can handle a large number of market order executions at high speed.

Able to quickly connect up to 46

different liquidity service provider

Over 10,000

quotation updates every minute

By means of Equinix optic network, Vantage FX provide extremely fast data transfer

By repeatedly checking all optic networks connected to the server, we minimized the delay time and ensured the instant trading execution in the whole network.

Up to 100 GB/S


Core-acceleration technology with Xeon® E7 processor can execute and operate 99.99% critical tasks through Equinix optic network infrastructure

The powerful processing power of the Intel Xeon® E7 enables one zero™MT4 bridge to operate at fastest speed, so as to guarantee customers' fastest connection to global market prices.

Up to 18


Up to 3.2GHZ