Bulk commodity

uTrade creates a flexible and easy way for participating in trading of world most popular commodity. Energy and precious metals can be traded on our cTrader platform.

The reason why bulk commodities can attract lots of market speculators’ participation is because they are vulnerable to price volatility sharply due to the change in supply-demand relations. Unlike buying and selling futures contracts, trading of commodity CFDs do not require actual delivery of goods, but just virtual holdings.

Energy contracts, including Brent crude oil and WTI light crude oil CFDs, can be traded in uTrade.

Gold trading

For centuries, speculators assess the health of world economy through the price of crude oil, which is known for “black gold”.

All central banks are printing money, but they cannot print gold. The limited supply of gold means that this asset class will always be under supervision.

Trading of crude oil as low as 1 share of 10 barrels crude oil

Trading of crude oil

For centuries, gold has been used to prevent risks. In today's volatile market environment, gold trading on the cTrader platform helps prevent the recurrence of "Black Swan" incident.

On uTrade cTrader platform, it is possible to trade the increasingly transparent CME futures market, British Brent crude oil market and explore the crude oil market to make a profit.

Trading in this highly technical market by utilizing the intrinsic link among commodities, foreign exchange and the index market.

Trading of gold as low as 1 share of 1 ounce

Trading of silver

Unsophisticated investors may think that silver is the gold for the poor, but never look down on such fluctuating precious metals. Silver is closely related to gold, and it still has huge trading opportunities when you miss the gold trading.

If you are seeking for trading opportunities in a transparent, highly liquid market, then choose the trading of silver.

Trading of silver as low as 1 share of 50 ounce

Trading of crude oil

Purchasing Brent crude oil

Opening position

The price of Brent crude oil is 100.50/100.54. As you considered, the price of crude oil will rise, you decide to buy 200 shares of contract at 100.54 (1 contract = 100 barrels). No commission will be charged for the goods.

Closing out

After a week, the price of Brent crude oil rose with quotation at 110.70/110.74. You decide to gain the profit, so you close out the Brent CFD at 110.70.

Then the calculation of gross margin in your trading is as follows:

Opening position 100.54
Closing out 110.7
Gross margin 2 contracts×100 barrels*about USD 10.16 = US2032
Profits 10.16

The matters you need to pay attentions are

1. The overnight position holding needs to pay the overnight interest.

2. The spread during trading is the difference between the purchasing price and selling price. The spread used in the UFO platform of utrade will be basically the same as the spread of intra-bank trading, which is the lowest spread of all trading platforms, even at 0 pips.

3. Fees; in the ECN platform, cTrader unilaterally charges $3/lot for every 10,000 units traded (ie 1 mini lot).

Contract details

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