Digital asset

uTrade creates a flexible and easy way for participating in trading of world most popular cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency compled a 1625% increase in market capitalization in 2017. Unlike buying and selling futures contracts, trading of commodity CFDs do not require actual delivery of goods, but just virtual holdings.

Mainstream digital currencies, such as BTC\ETH can be traded in uTrade.

High volatility

The staggering growth of Bitcoin makes cryptocurrency highly volatile as the increase of trading volume

Available for short-selling and going long tradings

Global 7*24-hour trading opportunities can all be realized through short-selling and going long tradings, so that arbitrageurs, speculators and investors can grasp the trading opportunities instantly through uTrade.


uTrade offers leveraging opportunities for cryptocurrencies, which means that you can achieve multiple profit growth through volatility based on a very small amount of capital. If you are seeking for trading opportunities in a transparent, highly liquid market, then choose the trading of digital assets.

BTC opening position in going long

For example: the price of the BTCUSD contract is 6500/6568 (the actual spread is subject to quotation, this quote is for reference only), as you considered the BTCUSD price will rise, you decide to buy 200 shares of contract at 6568 (1 contract=0.01BTC), no commission will be charged for digital currency contracts.

One week later, the BTCUSD contract price rose with quotation at 6800/6868 (the actual spread is subject to quotation, this quote is for reference only), you decide to close out to gain profits, so you close out the BTCUSD contract at 6800.

Then the calculation of gross margin in your trading is as follows:

Opening position 6568
Closing out 6800
Gross margin 200 contracts×*0.01BTC*232=464USD
Profits 232

Contract details

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