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Connecting to world's 4 major stock trading indexes

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Purchasing Dow Jones 30 Index

Opening position

The price of Dow Jones 30 Index is 26736/26744. As you considered the blue chips are undervalued, you decide to buy 2 contracts at the price of 26744. (1 index point in one contract equals to 1 dollar). No commission will be charged for index trading.

When the sell offer of Dow Jones 30 Index is one point higher than your buying rate at 26744, you will earn $1’ otherwise, you will lose $1.

Closing out

Four days later, the Dow Jones 30 Index has risen to 27044/27052, and you decide to close out 200 shares at price of 27044 to obtain the profit.

Then the calculation of gross margin in your trading is as follows:

Opening position 26744 (purchase)
Closing out 27044 (sell)
Gross margin Point 300 ×2 contract (1USD/point) = USD600
Profits 300

要计算净利润的话必须包括融资利息或股息调整费用。 融资利息每天都会产生.无论买入还是卖出,都有可能被计算利息。隔夜利息请以平台显示为准。


Contract details

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