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Cross-platform trading system

By means of NDD (No Trading Desk) technology, cTrader platform provides professional investors and novices with a channel to contact foreign exchange market tradings. It allows users to trade directly with international banks without any intermediary. An adjustable proxy server allows you to enjoy high-speed connections whenever and wherever you want, which also is accessible under the restriction in local country or corporate network.

Becoming the authentic platform owner and manager through trading

uTrade-Traders manage their own trading platforms to serve dealers around the world. uTrade supports all-product transactions such as digital assets, foreign exchange, commodities and indexes.

Everyday dividend

Each trading can increase the holding ratio in UTP Token holding of uTrade platform. uTrade will reserve 50% of the previous day's net profit according to the Token holding ratio for dividends. In this way, traders can share the platform profit growth through trading.

Token market value

Each UTP Token is tradable on the world's top digital asset exchanges, and uTrade also uses 50% of its revenue for secondary market repurchase and destruction.

Community self governance

uTrade is a platform totally managed by traders. All decisions will be made through community voting on a regular basis. Your UTP Token holdings will determine your management rights in the platform management.